Author Services

Author imageMany of the books we now consider literary classics are the result of months, even years of collaboration between an author and an editor. In the past, publishing companies were not afraid to spend time transforming a diamond in the rough into a masterpiece. But the publishing industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Getting a manuscript accepted is often a game of chance, and unpolished works are tossed in the trash without a second glance. While self-publishing has become a viable option, success is still more likely if your work has been edited by a professional. Let me help you get your best chance at success!

What I Offer

Developmental Editing – This style of editing focuses on developing your ideas and “fleshing out” your work. I’ll mention plot holes, character inconsistencies, flawed reasoning, etc. I do not cover grammar, style or mechanical issues here because that is less important than making sure your plot, themes and characters are air tight. For the best results, I recommend getting this style of editing before others.

Price Estimate: $15/1,000 words. Click here to request a quote.

Line Editing – This style of editing focuses on making your writing sound its best. I’ll go through your story line by line to improve flow, strengthen voice, remove cliches, correct grammatical issues, etc. For the best results, I recommend getting this only after developmental editing. 

Price Estimate: $20-30/1,000 words. Click here to request a quote.

I can also help you write query letters, book proposals, etc. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.