Business Services

office-336368Successful businesspeople spend countless hours designing and perfecting their product. They carefully study their market and audience to become experts in the field. But often, that hard work does not come across in written material. Mistakes of spelling, grammar, syntax or style can make your promotional materials difficult to read or understand. This has a negative impact on your professional presence, and undermines the authority and legitimacy of your business, and the products you’ve worked so hard to create.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! I am happy to serve as a second set of eyes. I can also help you refine your style, or entirely write your copy.

What I offer

Copyediting – I’ll go through your promotional materials with a fine-tooth comb. I’ll make sure your ideas are expressed clearly, and point out issues of spelling, grammar, punctuation and style.

Price Estimate: $25-35/hr. Click here to request a quote.

Copywriting/rewriting – If you need new or updated promotional materials, I’ll write or refine them for you.

Price Estimate: $40-50/hr. Click here to request a quote.