Danae-the-new-hotnessI have always loved reading and hearing good stories. From a young age, you could find me curled up with a book, listening to a radio drama or watching an old musical.  🙂

Hoping to pass my love of reading onto others, I studied education and received a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Radford University. But along the way, I became intrigued with the process of storytelling. I wanted to tell stories on behalf of those who aren’t equipped to do it themselves. Or better yet, help them learn to do it themselves. So I went on to receive a Master of Arts in Journalism from Regent University.

It is my joy to help you tell your story in the best way possible! Whether you are an author who desperately desires to get your novel to the masses, a business owner who needs to clarify your message, or a student who needs to communicate your theories effectively, I am the person for you! My journalism training makes it easy for me to spot and correct errors, while my natural teaching ability allows me to show you how to avoid mistakes in the future. All this combined enables me to coach you how to tell your story more effectively.