Danae edited my most recent book, “Hard Bargain: A Beautiful Place to Live” (published by Safe House Books). She was a delight to work with and is incredibly talented. If you’re looking for an editor who is hard-nosed and able to defend her positions, but also softhearted in desiring the author’s true ideas to come out… Danae Wensley is the editor for you!

Scott Roley, Author

Danae’s talents are a must-have for anyone needing help with writing and/or editing.

Jordan Kearns, Author

As a writer herself, Danae is dedicated to helping other writers clearly tell their stories. She is accomplished in helping them eliminate distracting errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. She is an active participant in the Bagel Company Writers, and originated and coordinates Write Night Roanoke, both of which meet weekly.

Andrew Rees, Author

Danae is an exceptional proofreader who pays close attention to detail and journalistic style. In addition, she works well on her own or as part of a team. Any written or social media publication would be lucky to hire her.

Meg Hibbert, Owner, Meg Hibbert Public Relations